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There are over 11 million Filipinos living abroad, counting Philippines citizens who are temporary overseas workers or permanent residents of other countries, as well as those who have become citizens of their countries of residence.

A photo of children behind a fence is overlaid by a map showing the distribution around the world of overseas Filipinos. Ironically, the photo was snapped by a Dutch tourist, who posted it on Flickr under the title, “Like you’ve never seen a white person before.”

When I emailed for permission, he wrote, “I took this picture somewhere deep in Cebu City. We were eating chicken heads, feet, etc. with Filipino friends. These children passed by, and then came back when they saw those long-nose white persons. ‘Hey Joe!’”   Photo from www.flickr.com, used by permission of Lennart Woltering.
Left Behind, digital collage, 14" x 11".



      In Good Conscience
     Century of Change

   Creative Nonfiction
     A Well-Made Life
     A Clue About Christmas
     Don’t Look Away

     Dad’s Fire

     The Great Learning

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