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At the age of 99, Nellie Nakamura finally found the time to work on her memoirs. Articulate and funny, with a vivid memory reaching far back into the past, Nellie weaves a rich tapestry unscrolling from the samurai days of 19th century Japan to the present,
        History comes vividly alive in this multi-generational saga of an ordinary family swept up by the tides of change—from feudal Japan to the high-tech boom in Silicon Valley.
        The story begins with Nellie’s strong-minded mother, Rui, who travels the world with a wealthy New England spinster before facing poverty and racism in the United States.
       Nellie, who inherits her mother’s spunk, loses her business during the Great Depression, her home during the internment, and tragically, a son while incarcerated at Heart Mountain. Not until middle age does Nellie find financial security. Nevertheless, she rises to each challenge with humor and grace.
  A Century of Change is a skillful blend of oral history grounded by sound historical narrative. It includes over one hundred historic photos and documents.
       Co-author Shizue Seigel is the former editor of Nikkei Heritage magazine and the author of In Good Conscience: Supporting Japanese Americans during the Internment.



      In Good Conscience
     Century of Change

   Creative Nonfiction
     A Well-Made Life
     A Clue About Christmas
     Don’t Look Away

     Dad’s Fire

     The Great Learning

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